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Money Doesn’t Come Without Guidence ...

Expect to trade in option in 45 days: Mrugank Paranjape, MCX

Talking to ET Now, Mrugank Paranjape, MD & CEO, MCX, says likely to go with gold but will first make sure that all the loose ends are tied and that everybody is in sync with the nuances of the product 

Finally, Sebi has issued the guidelines for options trading. How soon do you think MCX will be ready to do its very first trade in options? 

The final guidelines clearly have certain things which we have to do in terms of going back to Sebi with a request for an approval where we need to see which of the products within our stable of products qualify as the most suitable and thereafter look for that approval. 

There is also one aspect that all of us have to keep in mind is that we still need a clarification from CBDT in terms of what will be the treatment of tax for options. But with all of these things, we should assume  ..